ARUBA Mix – Fireplace Glass ~3/8-1/2″-10 Lbs

ARUBA Mix - Fireplace Glass ~3/8-1/2"-10 Lbs

51dXmEWQYoL. SL160  ARUBA Mix   Fireplace Glass ~3/8 1/2 10 Lbs
  • Update your gas fireplace or fire pit with a clean, elegant look!
  • Highest quality fire-glass on the market
  • Replaces gas logs and lava rocks
  • Package includes 10 lbs of ~3/8-1/2" BAHAMA MIX fire glass
  • This glass has been tested and will not melt or discolor, if properly installed and used
ARUBA MIX Fire glass rocks are used in gas fireplaces and fire pits as an alternative to gas logs. Our fireplace glass is made to withstand the heat of a fireplace or fire pit flame. ~3/8-1/2" means that the average size is ~3/8-1/2". Some pieces can be quite smaller and some can be quite larger, this is typical for all kinds of fireglass. IMPORTANT: Any fireglass on the market can be used only in devices designed by the manufacturer for use with fireglass. (And if it can be used, you need to re

buynow big ARUBA Mix   Fireplace Glass ~3/8 1/2 10 Lbs
Price: $ 39.90

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